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10 Ideas For A Day-Date With Your Special Someone

So, a dear friend asked me if I had any fun, unique day-date ideas… not sure why, but I guess I am pretty creative in that way. Most of these ideas are things I thought of doing on the East Coast, but really can be done anywhere with a little tweaking or creativity. I’m going to be honest, a really fun date is probably going to be a little dorky, but so what- you’re having a good time and making memories TOGETHER. First of all, you need to take someone that is willing to have a little fun and not afraid to get out of their comfort zone (speaking from experience, haha). Here are some activities that I think would make a great date. You could do these things with any type of person. Meaning, they don’t have to be skilled in the area in order to partake in the activity. For example, you don’t have to be a tennis player or even an athletic person to grab a tennis racket, tennis balls and play tennis with your guy or gal. Who cares if you can’t get the ball over the net every time! All you need is a good sense of humor and the ability to laugh at yourself.

1. There are so many lighthouses along the East Coast. Pick one that looks pretty to you and go see it. Before you go, make sure you look it up and can get to it. Some lighthouses are not open to the public or they are inaccessible. Tweaking idea! If you don’t live on the East Coast look for waterfalls to see. Most states have at least one. Don’t be scared to get off the beaten path because obviously lighthouses are on the shore and require you to get off the interstate. Highway 1 is a beautiful drive. Some of my favorite lighthouses are: Marshall Point, Portland Head, Brant Point, Castle Hill, and Pemaquid Point.

2. There is the coolest paint-bar in Portland, Maine on Commercial Street called Muse Paintbar which combines painting with a restaurant and bar. It is not like your average wine and canvas place- it is way hipper looking! There are other locations and they all offer paint sessions seven days a week. I think that this would serve as a fun date because it does not have to be serious and it gives you an opportunity to relax and show you have the ability to laugh at yourself. C’mon, we are not all Picasso. Humility is always a good characteristic. Tweaking idea! You can do this in your backyard. Grab two easels, two canvases and some paint at the craft store.

3. Head to Newport, RI for the day to tour the mansions. Super touristy thing to do, but they are beautiful and full of history. The nice thing about the mansions is that ----(second date?). Another option in this same area is to do the Newport Cliff Walk. This is a 3.5-mile public walkway along the eastern Newport shore. On one side of you is the ocean

and on the other side are beautiful views of the Gilded-Age Mansions. This is a great excuse to hold your honey’s hand. Tweaking idea! Go to a state park or most towns have some sort of a walking path. For you Bloomington people, go to McCormick’s Creek Park or the B-Line. You could even take roller blades or scooters if you want to be extra dorky (fun).

4. Grab yourselves a lunch to-go or pack a picnic basket and head to the beach or park! Living in Providence I would totally hop on the train and head to Boston to have a picnic in the Public Gardens. Put a frisbee or football in the bag too and throw it around after- your guy would totally enjoy it!

5. Go play tennis together. As I mentioned above, grab yourselves two tennis rackets and a pack of tennis balls and find a nearby tennis court to play tennis together. You can find tennis rackets for a reasonable dollar at a nearby sports store or ask a friend or family member, I bet they have some old rackets you two could borrow. Afterwards, treat yourselves to an ice cream cone!

6. Fly a kite together. This is perfect for a windy day. Flying a kite is nostalgic and good, lighthearted fun.

7. Go someplace that you and your significant other have always wanted to explore and rent bikes when you get there. Personally, I would take the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket for the day and explore the town on a bike.

8. There are so many beautiful hotels on the coast. So what if you can’t afford to spend the night at the hotel! Many of these hotels are open to the public and you can stop and have lunch or grab a cup of coffee. My favorite stops are Ocean House, Cliff House, and Castle Hill.

9. Take a day cruise or sailing excursion. In Newport, Sailing Excursions allows you to take breathtaking trips out on one of the most beautiful ships in Newport’s fleet, Schooner Adirondack II. You can take both day sails and sunset sails on Adirondack II. Some of the views you will get during your sail are of the bayside mansions, a 19thcentury military fort, and some lighthouses. I think this is a perfect way to get on the water by boat, see beautiful seascapes and landscapes of Newport, all the while soaking up the sun with your significant other. Tweaking idea! For those of you in the Midwest, most reservoirs and lakes have a place to rent a rowboat, sailboat, canoe, or kayak.

10. It seems that there are farmer’s markets everywhere on the east coast. As I was driving up the coasts of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine this past weekend, I saw a number of markets I am dying to go back to. Pick out a healthy dish you and you and your cute date both like to eat, pick up all of the fresh produce you need, hit your local butcher shop and you two are good to go! This will solidify success following my previous blog post (eat real food). Tweaking idea! You can find a cooking store in almost every city or town. These stores usually offer cooking lessons. Go and learn to cook something new and delicious with your significant other!

I hope this serves you and your cute date well on your next day-date together! Get creative with your time spent together, it makes your time with each other more special!




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