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I Believe In Red Lipstick

In my opinion, lipstick is always a good idea. I have touched a little bit on this before, but I don’t wear makeup… but I do wear lipstick. Every day, in fact. Sometimes you might even see me out running or riding my bike with my signature red lip. I just can’t leave the house without it. However, it has taken me years to find the most perfect lipstick. When buying a lipstick, go for quality, know the types (formulas), and the most important thing... choose the right shade. Know what you like, what looks best on you and BE CONFIDENT in that. I am telling you, what looks good on you likely is not the perfect shade for your best friend and vice versa. I suggest you purchase lipstick in the store and not online, so you know exactly what you are buying.

Go for quality. Don’t be scared to spend a little bit more for a good lipstick. Poor quality can mean that it doesn’t wear well. Meaning, it looks cakey and not smooth, or in regard to lip stain… it will crack. Know the types and formulas. There are lipsticks, lip stains, lip glosses, matte, crème, shimmer. The list goes on. I stick to the long wear lipsticks. Emphasis on “long wear”. If I am running errands or working around the house I will wear a sheer lipstick because of the moisturizing properties. Choose the shade right for YOU. It is simple as that. Do not buy a lipstick that you haven’t at least seen in person and I highly recommend you try multiple shades on or swatch your wrist.

Three important qualities of the best long wear lipstick are that it doesn’t crack, it doesn’t burn the lips, and it does indeed stay on for a long period of time. Things I look for in a sheer lipstick are ultra-moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba esters and carnauba wax. I also try to stick to safe beauty products. Meaning, chemical, paraben, and fragrance-free ingredients lists. My reasoning for sticking to safe beauty products is because if you wear lipstick, you may be swallowing traces of toxic metals in the lipstick.

My favorite brands of lipstick two buy are first Chanel and then Beautycounter. I think most people would agree that everything Chanel is beautiful… even her lipsticks. Chanel lipstick is not chemical free and for this reason I do not wear it all of the time, but it does remain my favorite Two formulas I wear from Chanel are Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue (Ultra Wear Lip Color) and Rouge Coco Shine. The Rouge Coco Shine is probably THE most beautiful lipstick I have ever owned. However, it does not stay on extremely well and it is definitely not a “kissing lipstick”. It is a lightweight, hydrating, sheer lipstick. I love #84 Dialogue, #54 Boy, #87 Rendezvous, and #55 Romance. The Ultra Wear Lip Color formula is a perfect long wear lipstick.

It doesn’t crack, burn, feather, or dry out the lips. It does deliver full-coverage, longwearing color, provide hydration and shine. It goes on smoothly and dries quickly. It does not come off! I can go almost an entire day at work or evening out without reapplying. So, you girls out there who are with Audrey Hepburn and believe in pink and lots of kissing, this is the lipstick for you. I am clearly a red lipstick wearing girl. My favorite colors in the Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue (Ultra Wear Lip Color) formula are #54 Strawberry Red and #104 Bright Raspberry.

Beautycounter is my other favorite brand of lipstick to wear because I know it is safe and chemical, paraben and fragrance free, and I know it is formulated so beautifully. This is definitely a lipstick that is high quality and looks it too. I like wearing the Sheer Lipstick in the colors Terra and Current. The Sheer Lipstick is similar to the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine formula. It does not stay on like a long-wear formula does. Expect lipstick marks on your coffee cup. I also really like the Color Intense Lipstick which is Beautycounter’s long wear lipstick. In the Color Intense formula, I wear Girls Night Out and Little Black Dress.

Left to right. Little Black Dress, Girls Night Out, Current, Terra




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